Ranking SPM 2011

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Ranking SPM 2011

Cukup besar tak gambar ni ? If not i can make it more bigger and bigger . Haha
Utk batch 94 yg akan mengambil result tak lama lagi , ini lah ranking yg digunakan .
Aku dpt dr salah sorang blogger lain . Taktahu la betul atau tidak >,<
Rasa-rasa betul sebab result dah nak keluar lagi beberapa hari jaa .

I want the good result only . Not the best . But , the good . I have try what i can afford .I hope i can get the cukup makan result to continue my next sem with happily without being worry about SPM .

p/s For those who is taking their result soon , good luck and feels happy receiving your result .

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